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Contact Information
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences P.O. Box 17771,UAE University Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-3-7678007
Fax: +971-3-7671612
General Description
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences aims at providing the society with intellectual leaders who will help promote the cultural, educational, and social aspects of life. The Faculty also aims at deepening the faith in Islam and strengthening studentsí commitment to its virtuous principles.

The college pays great attention to both writing and reading of classical Arabic. Faculty members and students are urged to master the classical language and to use it as a medium of instruction in the educational process. The College also endeavors to study Arab-Islamic Cultural heritage and to increase its influence. Every possible effort is made to benefit from that heritage to improve the social and intellectual environment in the Country.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences fulfills its mission through offering specialized academic programs of scientific research and community service. These programs reflect the needs and ambitions of the Society, taking into consideration the scientific developments in similar programs at the international level. The college also contributes, through these programs to the development of human knowledge.

The specific fields of specialization offered by the college aim at providing the society with qualified graduates who can respond to the practical needs of the workplace in all sectors. The Faculty provides these graduates with a broad base of knowledge which helps them develop independent thinking, the ability to search for knowledge, how to use it, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing development in the job market.

The college also provides its graduates with specialized knowledge in depth, which enables them to respond to the special needs of the society, become aware of the various international cultures, concepts, and values, while emphasizing their religious and national identity.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences provides services to the community. This is done through surveying needs and responding to them by offering relevant programs in the areas of training, continuing education, consultation, cultural and intellectual activities
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences was one of the first four colleges established in the University. It was then called the College of Arts.

Classes began in the academic year 1977/1978. The Faculty has since undergone rapid development and has grown significantly.

The number of students enrolled in the Faculty grew from 176 in the academic year 1977/1978 to 5320 in the fall semester of the academic year 1999/2000, while the number of faculty members grew from 18 to 176 during the same period. The academic departments in the college were reorganized in 1994, expanding grew from 8 to 12 departments.

The college has also introduced a comprehensive development of all its academic programs and curricula. This development is aimed at coping with international standards in.sssssss university education. It is also aimed at developing unique characteristics for the Faculty to be able to respond to the special needs of the UAE society and to provide it with a competent workforce in its fields of specialization.

The Curricula in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are not limited to theoretical aspects. They include many applications and practical components. Methodology of experimental sciences is applied to some areas of the curricula.

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