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Contact Information
College Of Business And Economics United Arab Emirates University AL-AIN P.O.Box 17555 United Arab Emirates
Tel: (971)-3-7638860
Fax: (971)-3-7632383
General Description
The mission of the CBE is to provide the business community with high quality graduates who are capable of becoming the business leaders of the UAE, produce high quality research that addresses the needs of the UAE society, and provide professional services that support the UAE′s economic development and build on the UAE′s location as a center for international trade and finance.

The CBE strives to be recognized as the leading business and economics college in the Arab Region, meeting international standards for excellence in business and economics education.

The CBE academic activities are guided by such values as the encouragement of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, adaptation to change, continuous improvement and the pursuit of high academic and ethical standards with emphasis on the Islamic and Arab cultural heritage.
The CBE was established as one of the primary colleges of the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), when the university was founded in 1977. Since then CBE has seen several significant educational and academic changes in policy and operational strategies. Today the College of Bsiness and Economics consists of four departments: Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, and Statistics. The CBE offers the following degrees:

Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Business Administration (Business)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance & Banking)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)

Bachelor of Statistics

Bachelor of Management Information Systems
(last updated: 18-June-2009)

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