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General Description
The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide intellectually challenging education in the fields of arts and sciences to its students and enable them to enrich their society. With balanced education between the liberal arts and the various scientific specializations, the College aims to prepare students for the hard uncertainties in the world, for the career challenges of tomorrow and for building a better world for succeeding generations. The College strives to instill in its students the love of learning that deepens their knowledge of themselves and makes them better citizens and more effective participants in their societies. Cognizant of its regional needs and aspirations, the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Sharjah seeks to harmonize the Arab and Islamic civilization with other world views and to prepare generations of graduates who can effectively express their views and present themselves well both in Arabic and English.

The programs of the College of Arts and Sciences are designed to:
Provide an educational environment within which students acquire the intellectual, professional and communication skills necessary for the realization of their academic potential and the actualization of their career objectives.
Equip students with the principals of objective scientific research and logical reasoning, and instill in them love of learning.
Prepare students to undertake research, using the most advanced technological tools and laboratory facilities available in the world today.
Arm students in the basic sciences with a clear understanding of the interrelation of the various fields of science and their importance.
Create a climate that will encourage students to strive for excellence through continuous professional growth while maintaining the highest ethical standards.
(last updated: 08-August-2004)
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