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General Description
This seaspects of the various Ministry′s ction supervises the technical nurseries and formulates appropriate plans of their production in accordance to the needs and preference of
farmers and for high yields and good quality and suitability to local weather conditions.
This section also undertakes the issuance of the following import permits.
Permit for the import of seedlings
Permit for the import of seeds & tubers
The Conditions and procedures of importing seedlings are:
Filling an application form for import permit using the appropriate application forum specific for this purpose, in case of companies, a copy of its trade license issued by the municipality and a copy of the Ministry′s approval addressed to the Municipality.
Each consignment of imported seedlings should have a phytosanitary certificate from the concerned authority of its country of origin, proving that the consignment is free from pests.
It is prohibited to have any natural soil or organic fertilizers along with the consignment unless permission is granted are not released before their inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
It is prohibited to import all types of palm trees or offset of palms from any source where the Bayoud disease or where the red palm weevil has been experienced.
It is prohibited to import citrus seedlings from any source which had experienced the witch broom disease.
It is prohibited to import any plants that contain (drug) material.
Seedlings consignment imported to the country by plant quarantine authorities at the entry points and meeting the technical and plant quarantine conditions.
The consignment should match what has been approved in the license in regards to varieties and specifications.
The validity of the import permit is for six months from date of issue and for multiple consignments during this period.
The Conditions for importing seeds & Tubers are:
Filling the appropriate application form for this purpose and attaching with it the company′s trade license from the municipality and a copy of the Ministry′s approval that has been addressed to the municipality.
Presenting original technical pamphlets regarding the imported varieties of seeds or tubers from the producing company.
Each seed consignment should be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate and certificate of origin and a certified inspection certificate in accordance to international standards and in accordance to IS? TA international methodology.
The consignment should comply with the varieties and specifications as stipulated in the given permit.
No imports of seeds or tubers will be released accept after their inspection by the concerned plant quarantine authorities at entry points and verifying that they meet the technical specifications and requirements and the conditions of plant quarantine.
The validity of the import permit is for six months from date of issue and for multiple imports during the validity period.
The seeds should be put in proper containers to safeguard the seeds from spoilage and it label should contain the following information:
Name of product and name of variety
Date of inspection of the seeds and validity period under normal storage conditions (from the producing company).
Lot No.
Purity and germination percentages
Name of producing company and country of origin
Chemical treatments undertaken before packing
Net weight of seeds in the package or No. of seeds in the container

(last updated: 28-May-2002)

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