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Contact Information
P.O.Box 901 Abu Dhabi UAE
Tel: 00971-2-6265000
Fax: 00971-2-6215339
General Description
Through exercising its functions, the Ministry aims at participating in realizing the economic development, upgrading the living standard and bringing about prosperity for the nationals,and increasing productivity and constantly striving to realize economic and customs unity between the Emirates members of the Federation.
Accordingly, its task is
1-To suggest economic and commercial policy with a wiew to realizing economic development, increasing productivity, upgrading the living standard and achieving prosperity for the nationals.
2-To come up with the necessary plans, programs, and projects to implement the above-mentioned policies, once those are approved.
3-To suggest bills for laws and regulations organizing commercial and economic activities, and supervise implementation thereof.
4-To prepare legislation organizing the support of the cooperation between public and private activities, an encourage savings and investment.
5-To suggest bills for laws organizing step-by-step phases which are suitable for realizing the economic and customs unity between the Emirates of the Federation in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance & Industry and other concerned ministries.
6-To cooperate with the concerned ministries in concluding economic and commercial agreements, follow up on the activities of economic organizations, hold international and regional fairs and exhibitions, and do whatever could lead to supporting the trade exchange with other countries.
7-To prepare studies and researches on economic development.
Other functions entrusted to the Ministry in accordance with other laws.

(last updated: 10-February-2006)
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