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First period (1826 - 1878):

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs dates back to the year 1826 when Mohamed Ali (Waly of Egypt between 1805 and 1848) established what was then called (Diwan of Commerce and Foreign Affairs). The objective of the Diwan was to look after Egypt′s increasing commercial and external relations with the rest of the world.

Second period (1878 - 1914):

The first Council of Nozzar (Ministers), during the modern history of Egypt, was founded on 28th August 1878, and included an independent Nezarah (Ministry) of Foreign Affairs. Despite Egypt coming under British military occupation in 1882, this Nezarah continued its functions until the 19th December 1914 when Britain declared protection over Egypt. Consequently, the Nezarah was closed down as a political unit, while maintaining its administrative status.

Third period (starting from 28th February 1922):

British protection over Egypt ended with the Declaration of 28th February 1922 that recognized Egypt as an independent and sovereign state. On the 1st March of that year, Sultan Fuad issued a decree to form a new government, including the first Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the end of British protection. Another landmark day in the history of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was on 15th March 1923. This day does not only mark the changing of the official name of Egypt to "the Kingdom of Egypt", but it also marks "the Day of the Egyptian Diplomacy". Consequently, a new Minister for Foreign Affairs was appointed, while the Ministry took its structural shape with the re-dispatching of Egyptian envoys abroad. Since then, many distinguished personalities undertook the task of heading the Egyptian diplomacy as Ministers for Foreign Affairs
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