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Constitutional Framework
Presidential Decree No.416 of 2001
For the Organization of The Ministry of Foreign Trade
The President,
After reviewing the Constitution,and Law No. 323 of 1956, Establishing The General Organization for International Exhibitions and Fairs;
The Import and Export Law No. 118 of 1975;
The State Civil Employees Law No.47 of 1978;
The Diplomatic and Consulate Law No. 45 of 1982;
The Public Sector Authorities and Companies Law No. 97 of 1983;
The Capital Market Law No. 95 of 1992;
The Foreign Currency Law No.38 of 1994;
The Financial Leasing Law No.95 of 1995;
The Protection of National Economy from Harmful Practices in International Trade Law No. 161 of 1998;
The Presidential Decree Rationalizing Commercial Services No.540 of 198;
The Presidential Decree for Joint Ventures and their subsidiaries in Egypt No. 382 of 1984;
The Presidential Decree for setting up the Cabinet No.325 of 1999,and
The Presidential Decree for the organization of The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade No. 378 of 1999.
Decreed The following
(Article One)
The Ministry of Foreign Trade aims at identifying the goals for the organization & development of foreign trade within the framework of the overall State policy so as to ensure the realization of economic and social development; with special emphasis on the following areas : Enhancing the commercial relations between the Arab Republic of Egypt and other countries as well as international and regional institutions to ensure the increase of fund inflow :
Development & Empowerment of the foreign trade of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Encouragement of national exports and increasing the share of national institutions in the volume of international exports in order to diminish the deficit in the trade balance.
Organizing imports and developing import institutions to coordinate between national products and imports.
Protection of the Egyptian Economy from harmful practices in international trade.
Developing and managing databases in international trade,general and specialized annual exhibitions, world potential markets for Egyptian products and required conditions for presence in these markets.
Attracting international investments and encouraging national investments for the export production as well as necessary services for exporters.
Identifying infrastructure required for promotion of basic exports, developing existing infrastructure and building on it.
Establishment of specialized institutions in inspection & certification or participation in their establishment and management.
Representing Egypt in the bilateral, regional and international negotiations with respect to commercial agreements.
Establishment of institutions specialized in training calibers &skills needed for the development of foreign trade.
Supervising the exports support fund and other funds from other support institutions.
Improving the activity of establishing exhibitions in Egypt and participation in international exhibitions.
(Article Two)
The Ministry should adopt the following functions in order to achieve its goals :
1. Modernization and development of the working systems in the affiliate authorities in order to simplify and streamline the completion of all transactions with individuals and institutions dealing with these authorities.
2. Implementation of the national program for preparing calibers & skills capable of leadership in the area of foreign trade and for preparing and adopting polices which lead to their development.
3. Development of the primary markets and secondary market in securities and protecting them from harmful practices.
4. Representing the Arab Republic of Egypt and watching over its commercial interests with other countries and supervising the organization of bilateral & multilateral relationships in the area of foreign trade.
5. Development and modernization of the Egyptian foreign trade and the preparation & adoption of logistics that lead to the improvement of the trade and financial balance and the balance of payments.
6. Preparing and adopting the program for participation in exhibitions & international markets.
7. Preparing the annual program for exhibitions in Egypt to update the World of Egyptian national products as well as updating Egyptian producers of the international products.
8. The Ministry shall supervise the Commercial offices in the world and improve their performance to facilitate foreign trade.
Preparing the legislation which organize the activities that the ministry supervise.
Periodical edition of digests specialized in Egyptian & international foreign trade indicators.
Auditing the tariff schedule and suggesting modifications to improve foreign trade service.
Supervising the performance of civil organizations working in the promotion of exports and strengthening their role.
(Article Three)
The following will be affiliated to the Minister of trade which will be responsible for:
The General Authority for Capital Market.
The General Authority for International Fairs & Exhibitions.
The General Authority for Control of Imports & Exports.
Egyptian Export Promotion Center.
The Egyptian Bank for Export promotion.
The Egyptian Company for Export Guarantee.
The Government′s Agent at Alexandria Cotton Exporters Association (ALCOTEXA).
The Egyptian Commercial Service.
(Article Four)
The Minister of Foreign Trade issues a decree to establish the organization structure, taking into consideration the reorganization of the ministry with its primary and secondary divisions, identifying the key functions of these divisions, and in view of its consultation with the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, according to article No.(8) of the law No.47 of 1978 for the system of civil employees in the state.
(Article Five)
Eliminating the decree of the prime minister No. 378 of 1999, and eliminating all text opposing this decree.
(Article Six)
The decree will be published in the official gazette.
Issued at the Republic Presidency in Ramadan 6, 1422 (November 29,2001).
Husni Moubarak
(last updated: 03-January-2006)
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