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When the National Democratic Party was founded in 1978, its platform was based on certain principles that remain basically unchanged. His main goals are promoting social democracy that guaranties public liberties of the Egyptian citizen and people participation in decision-making, in addition of a respectable life standard. The NDP considers that the economic and social development is essential for the progress of Egypt. The party promotes national unity and fosters Egypt’s affiliation to the Arab world. The veneration of religious values and the respect of the Constitution and law are the bases of NDP’s principle.
In August 1978, the Egyptian President Anouar el Sadat announced the birth of a new party: “the National Democratic Party”. In Sadat’s view, it was created to fill the vacuum on the political scene. In September 78, the Prime Minister Mamdouh Salem resigned from the chairmanship of the Misr Party and around 250 People’s Assembly members joined the NDP. Since 1979, the NDP had become the ruling party in Egypt winning sweeping majorities in the election and consequently in the People’s Assembly.
In September 1981, after the assassination of Sadat, Hosni Moubarak took over as President of the Republic and NDP’s Chairman.
The battle that the Party had in the last parliament’s elections in August 2000, winning 388 seats instead of 410 in the former Assembly, was considered as a relatively poor performance. Following to these elections, the NDP initiated an internal reform process in order to develop both its structures and principles.
Constitutional Framework
Committee of Party Affairs Shoura Council: law n°. 40 of 1977 regulating the creation of political parties.
Mode of Finance
According to NDP officials, the Shura Council and subscriptions to its publications, Mayo and Al-Liwa Al Islami subsidize the Party. The National development Bank finances its development projects. It benefits from contributions of the National Bank, Bank Misr and the Bank of Alexandria in addition of private subscribers.
(last updated: 31-July-2002)
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