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  • Jordan Engineers Association
    • President of The Jordan Engineers Association    
    • Vice President of The Jordan Engineers Association    (Khalid  Al Bourini)
    • Secretary General of The Jordan Engineers Association    (Ali  Abu Sukar)
    • Member of The Jordan Engineers Association    (Rifqi  Saleh)
Contact Information
Professional Associations Center, Shmaisani, Amman P.O.Box 940188
Tel: 962 6 560 7616
Fax: 962 6 567 6933
General Description
Objectives of The Association:
- Organize and regulate the profession with a view to upgading and making proper use of its scientific and professional level in the economic, civilizational and national mobilization.
- Defend the interests and dignity of the members, and the observation of the traditions and code of honor of the profession.
- Upgrade the engineers′ scientific and professional level, and activate and support engineering research.
- Participate in the planning and development of engineering, industrial and vocational instruction, and train and raise the profeciency level of those working in the field of engineering.
- Take part in studying the topics that are common to Arab, Islamic and other countries and exchange engineering information, expertise and publications.
- Guarantee a decent life for engineers and their families in case of disability, old age and emergencies.
-Do all that is possible to help the association acheive its professional objectives
- Collaborate and coordinate with the official government departments in Jordan since the association is a consultative entity in its field of specialization.
- Collaborate and coordinate with the Arab, Islamic and International engineering professional unions, and obtain membership in them.
Jordan Engineers Association, JEA, was first incorporated in 1958 under the name "Jordan Engineers Society". The Association holds its current name since 1972. JEA is considered the largest professional association in Jordan . This is apparent not only by the large number of its current members ( 40,000 ), but also by the annual influx of its new members. JEA also incorporates a large number of Arab and foreign engineers practicing in Jordan.
Constitutional Framework
At present the association is functioning in accordance of the association Law N (15) for the year 1972 and amendments thereof(Amending law N. (15) for the year 1986, Temporary law N (39) for the year 1988 and amending Law N (19) for 1991 and Amending Law N 12 for the year 2001. In its relations with the executive branch, the association is attached to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.
Mode of Election
The general assembly ,which represent all the association members, elect the president of the association as well as the members of the association office.The association is also composed of 6 sections representing the differents sections of engineering such as Civil engineering section, Electrical Engineering section, and every section has an elected council from 7 members and has several commissions ( scientific, professional and social).
The Central committee of the Association composed of the elected office, sections committees and representative from the different municipalities.
The present legislature of the "managing committee" has been extended for 3 months until April 30, 2003.
Mode of Finance
The Association has a total financial autonomy from the government. The bigest item in the association income was the participation of members and the delay tax( more than half million), and the Engineering office and Companies participation( 332,000)
Power Limitation
Every Engineer or Engineering Office would have not the righ to practice the profission without being a member in the association. The association has the right to punish any member or engineering offices in accordance to the association Law.
(last updated: 18-February-2003)

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