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General Description
The International Chamber of Commerce
It was founded 1919, and it contained about 70 national committee that′s why it is resolutions reflects on the world of business.
Constitutional Framework
A R T I C L E O F A S S O C I A T I O N 1- Foundation:
The Syrian National committee of the International Chamber of Commerce was founded in the Syrian Arab Republic in 1988.
The headquarter of the committee is in Damascus.
The Federation of the Syrian chamber of commerce takes the responsibility of the foundation of the above-mentioned committee, and makes all the necessary procedures.
The definitions of the parties is as following:
1. Committee: means the Syrian National Committee.
2. Chamber: means the International Chamber of Commerce.
3. Board: means the executive board of the Syrian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce.
2- The aims of the Committee:
The aims of the Committee is as following:
Representing the mutual interest of the trade, industry, tourism, transport, banking sectors and other kind of sectors which represent economic activities in the Syrian Arab Republic to serve the national economic interest.
International scale:
Representing the economic institutions in the International commerce, and appointing delegates to represent the committee in conferences, board meetings, temporary and permanent committees and different authorities.
To express the opinion and the views of the Syrian economic institutions, which serves the economic interests of the Syrian Arab Republic, about the activities and the trends to develop International commerce.
To solve International Commercial Claims through the International Arbitration court.
National scale:
Registration of the affiliating forms to the Committee./li>
Briefing the recommendation of the International Chamber of Commerce to members of the committee.
Solving the cases and issues set out by the International Chamber of Commerce according to the basis of the chamber.
Appointing a permanent delegate of the Committee in the Chamber to ensure permanent contact.
The committee works at all time to ensure the continuous progress for all the Syrian economic sectors.
3- Membership:
The Syrian National Committee′s members are as follows:
- Working members:
Commercials, Industrious, banking and tourism institutions, public and private, co Joint-Venture companies and individuals.
- Supporting members:
Economic, cultural institutions and other kinds of authorities, which wish to affiliate to the Committee. Accordingly the pre-mentioned authorities have the right to receive the sheets and case reports, are which issued by the international chamber, after paying up the contribution for the committee.
- The executive board of the committee has the right to accept of refuse membership forms, in case of refusal the causes should be mentioned, however the resolution can be objected during the meeting of the general assembly, thus the decision is considered final.
- Application form should be associated with the membership form.
- When the membership form is approved by the board, the member should pay an annual contribution as follows:
* Working members:
35000.00 S.P Federation chamber of commerce, of commerce chamber, of industry chamber, public and co-operate sector.
20000.00 S.P Private sector and businessmen.
10000.00 S.P lawyers and college professors.
* Supporting members:
2000.00 S.P. economic and investment institution, law and Economic figures and representative of Economic, law and Trade Universities.
- The board can raise the annual contribution according to the emergent obligations, by a resolution from the general assembly.
- All the working members share the same Privileges.
Membership Termination:
The membership can be terminated in one of the following situations:
A written resignationÒ
When the member can′t pay his annual contributions, his membership is terminated by a resolution by the board after a warning note.
When the member doesn′t commit to the resolutions and the decisions of the board, his membership is terminated by a resolution of the board, in this case the member can object the decision in front of the general assembly and the decision is considered final.
The death or insolvency of the member, disbandment of the company or the institution.
4- The General Assembly:
The General Assembly is constituted of the working members and the supporting members as observers.
5- Public Meeting:
a- Public regular meeting of the General Assembly:
The general assembly should meet once at least each year by an invitation of the board, and that is during the first three months of the year.
The first meeting should be attended by half of the members at least otherwise the session should be canceled and a new date should be specified within a month and the second session is considered legal regardless of the present members.
The resolutions of the general assembly are adopted through the majority of the present members.
The agenda of the annual general assembly meetings considers:
The briefing of the executive board report.
Discussing and approving the final calculations and the general budget.
The election of the auditor accounts for the next year.
The election of the executive board from the working members only.
b- The irregular General Assembly meeting:
The irregular meeting of the general assembly is held by an invitation of the executive board or by written form signed by 25% of the working members of the committee.
The irregular meeting should be attended by 3 / 4 the members of the committee, otherwise another date should be specified and it is considered legal regardless of the present members. However, in case of dissolving the committee of half of the members should be attending to consider the session legal.
The resolution is adopted through the majority of the 2 / 3 of the member within the meeting.
The irregular general assembly has the right to issue resolutions concerning the internal matters.
The invitation to the irregular general assembly should include the agenda of the meeting and if there is any amendment to the system of the committee, they should be attached to the invitation
c- General rules for the General Assemblies:
Every working member has the right for one vote.
The members who did not pay their annual contribution don′t have the right to attend the meeting.
Institutions, companies, and authorities are represented by an accredited Representative.
The committee should keep a signed list for the participants.
The head of the General Assembly should appoint a secretary to write the events of the session.
Representatives of the Minister of Supply and International Trade can attend the meeting of the general assembly.
The head of the general assembly and the secretary should sign the report of the session.
Voting for choosing the executive board should be confidential.
The invitation for the general assembly meetings should be sent by registered mail, at least fifteen days before the date of the meeting.
When one of the members doesn′t receive the invitation according to the law, that doesn′t abolish the resolution of the general assembly.
The annual report, the calculation and the resolution should be sent to the Ministry of Supply and International Trade, the members and the general secretary of the chamber.
6- The Executive Board:
The executive board should consist of twelve members elected by confidential vote by the general assembly, and the public sector should be represented within the executive board.
The duration of the executive board is four years, the new executive board should be elected within three months before the termination of the term of office of the present board the end of the current term of the executive board.
When there is a tie in the numbers of votes between two candidates, anew vote should be made.
7-The validates of the executive board:
The executive board is considered responsible to run the work of the committee and appoint the suitable staff for this aim.
The president and the deputies are elected through confidential vote.
The committee is represented by its president or one of his deputies in the international, national authorities and economic institutions.
The executive board is responsible for executing the budget of the committee after it is approved by the general assembly.
An annual report of the activities of the committee should be presented for the general assembly.
8- Termination of the executive board membership:
A written resignation by the member.
The absence of the member for six successive months.
The absence of the member for four successive sessions without an excuse.
When the general assembly decides to terminate his membership in accordance to the system laws.
9- The procedures of the Executive Board:
The executive board meets once every three months at least or through a written invitation by the president or the third of the members.
The Head of the board chairs the executive board and is Represented his deputy in case of his absence.
The executive board meetings are considered legal when attended by seven members at least.
The majority adopts the resolution of the executive board, the president voice is conclusive when the votes are tied.
The committee should have the report of the meetings signed by the participants.
A copy of the reports should be sent to the Ministry of Supply and International Trade.
10- The office of the committee:
The office of the committee is consisted of the president and two deputies and the elected members.
11- The Financial Supply of the committee:
The contribution of the members of the committee.
The financial year of the committee stars in 1st of January and ends in 31st of December from each year.
During three months of the end of the year, the budget signed by the president and account auditor should be made and distributed to the members of the committee by registered mail.
12- Amendment of the system:
The system of the committee can be modified by a request of the executive board or by a written request singed by 25% of the members of the committee, besides getting the Agreement of the ministry of supply and international Trade.
13- Disbandment of the committee:
The committee can be disbandment through the resolution of the majority of 2 / 3 of the members during irregular general assembly meeting.
The general assembly should appoint a Controller to clarify the belongings of the committee.
14- Notifications:
The notifications of the members of the committee should be done by registered mail or to be informed to the member personally.
Article 15:
The executive board is responsible for defining the internal and financial rules of the committee and organizing the executive staff.
(last updated: 19-June-2008)

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