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Contact Information
CHEMETALL LTD. P.O. Box 43539 Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Tel: 009712 - 6273 359
Fax: 009712 - 6271 816
General Description
Following the principle of global sourcing, Chemetall′s Service Center Purchasing and its international purchasing network provide Chemetall GmbH and its subsidiaries all over the world with
chemical raw materials
equipment and technical products
information technology
office materials
laboratory supplies.
Chemetall is a major supplier in the Arabian Gulf area for Ardros Products, such as air craft cleaning & maintenance and NDT chemicals...etc.

A sponsored company by ADCECO GROUP , Chemetall acquired Brent Europe Limited (was know as Ardrox Limited). Chemetall is a European Company (A company of the Chemetall Group) who is a manufacturer and supplier of Ardrox chemicals in to Aviation and Oil Field industry.

Over the years Chemetall′s scientific work repeatedly set the path for technological progress in customer industries. Some examples:
In the early 80′s, reactive oils developed by Chemetall set a new standard in the cold forming of hydraulic tubes and tubes for shock absorbers. The new process technology reduces the tubes′ surface roughness by factor 5 - 7, thus remarkably enhancing the lifetime for example of automotive shock absorbers.
In 1996 Chemetall is the first supplier of a new technology for the production of insulating glass systems: Naftotherm® BU-TPS is a polyisobutylene-based sealant material that completely replaces the conventional metal spacer, the drying agent and the inner sealant. Due to modern machine technology faster production cycles and new possibilities in the design of insulating glass windows are feasible combined with better than ever thermal properties in the insulating glass edge region and enhanced product lifetime.
In 1999 Chemetall starts to market a new tin sulfide-based additive for friction materials, e.g. brake linings. The new material reduces production costs for automotive component manufacturers and makes brake systems live longer.
Today Chemetall holds several hundreds of active patents. According to our product portfolio, our R&D activities focus mainly on three areas:
Surface Treatment of metals and other substrates (e.g. preventing corrosion, improving cold forming properties, improving environmental aspects)
industrial application of lithium and lithium compounds (e.g. in the production of pharmaceuticals on in high-energy batteries)
polymer systems (e.g. improving the properties of sealants for insulating glass, cast resins for the manufacture of laminated glass for acoustic and security glazing application, low-weight sealing compounds for aircraft fuel tanks and fuselage).

(last updated: 28-October-2002)

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