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Contact Information
P.O. Box 4567 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-2-6424295
Fax: +971-2-6424041
General Description
The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) is an independent research institution dedicated to the promotion of professional research and educational excellence in the UAE and the Gulf area. ECSSR serves as a focal point for scholarship on political, economic, and social issues pertinent to the UAE, the Gulf, and the greater Middle East through the sponsorship of empirical research and scientific studies conducted by scholars from around the globe. The Center aims to keep pace with daily developments and anticipate the future in light of tangible facts and data through employing relevant state-of-the-art technology.

ECSSR seeks to provide a forum for the scholarly exchange of ideas on these subjects by hosting conferences and symposia, organizing workshops, and sponsoring a lecture series featuring prominent scholars and international dignitaries, and publishing books, research papers, translated studies and two occasional paper series. Through these and other activities, ECSSR aspires to engage in mutually beneficial professional endeavors with comparable institutions worldwide and to significantly contribute the general educational and scientific development of the UAE.

In addition to these activities, ECSSR has an active program which provides research fellowships and grants for the writing of scholarly books and the translation, into Arabic, of works relevant to the Center′s mission. The Center employs a highly trained and dedicated staff organized into research and support units. The research units are divided into two sections, one focusing on strategic issues affecting the national interests of the UAE and the Gulf region, the other centering on domestic economic and social trends.
Thus, the mission of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research is threefold:

To conduct research on topics relevant to the national security and economic and social well-being of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region.

To facilitate the scholarly exchange of ideas and provide outreach services to the community through the convening of symposia and conferences on topics related to the research agenda of the Center.

To actively assist and promote the professional development of UAE nationals through the conduct of training programs.

ECSSR sponsors a significant number of conferences, lectures, symposia, and workshops. The goals of this program are:

Enhancing social and cultural awareness through the publication of studies and academic journals, holding symposiums, conferences and seminars and organizing lectures on issues that affect the UAE community

Encouraging and developing research, authorship and translation, especially of studies dealing with various topics of concern to the UAE in particular and the Arab Gulf and the Arab world in general

Enriching Arab libraries with outstanding academic books, periodicals and refereed monographs in various political, economic, social and strategic fields

Organizing seminars and research workshops at which strategic issues and their applications are discussed and investigated as academic matters with the objective of strengthening cooperative links with other academic institutions; promoting exchanges between lecturers and specialized experts and participating in conferences organized within the UAE and beyond.
In order to promote the image of the country in intellectual circles and among specialized research centers, the Center takes interest in preparing an annual program for hosting various cultural activities. In order to house such meetings, the Center has a multi-purpose meeting room equipped with state-of-the-art technological devices that facilitate hosting the above-mentioned activities and displaying information in a scientifically sophisticated manner.

Among the most important facilities in the meeting room is the Worldnet, a global television network that specializes in broadcasting political, economic and cultural programs relevant to the Centerís interests. Worldnet provides an opportunity to record the required programs and replay them. It also permits live electronic dialog via satellite between guests in the meeting room and guests at the television studios in Washington. Thus, interaction and dialog can be conducted live via satellite, saving time, effort and money.

ECSSR currently plans to undertake the following additional activities:

A significant expansion of staff and programs in order to develop a major database and information bank on Gulf topics.

Becoming major source of up-to-date regional electronic information.

Providing a qualified research staff to conduct a variety of research projects.

Conducting public lectures, seminars, and training workshops.

Initiating contacts with comparable institutions worldwide and engaging in mutually beneficial professional endeavors.

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research was established in 14 March 1994.
(last updated: 09-December-2003)
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