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General Description
The College of Food Systems mission is to provide the United Arab Emirates with graduates capable of developing and implementing policies that would ensure a sustainable food supply, enhance the environment and public health, and effectively manage the country’s natural and economic resources. The College is adopting a new curriculum in agriculture, specifically designed to fit the UAE needs and based on the interlocking concept of production, processing, and marketing and consumer sciences. This curriculum is highly interdisciplinary, rigorous in science and mathematics, and meets the accreditation requirements. It also adopts the “hand on” “learn by doing” philosophy and introduces two new degree programs not available elsewhere. These are: a) Food Industry and Transportation and b) Consumer Science programs. Central to this mission is to be a leading college in agriculture education, research, and outreach programs that serve the people in the Gulf Area in general and the UAE in particular. The College of Food Systems is committed to excellence in preparing students for careers, higher education, and applied research programs contributing towards ensuring food security enhancing environment and health, and managing natural and economic resources.
The College of Food Systems was first inaugurated as the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in the academic year 1980/1981. The college program was focused on plant and animal production. The academic structure included only two departments, namely, department of Plant Production and department of Animal Production. In 1995 the college program was further developed to focus on “Arid Land Agriculture” and Food Science and Nutrition’ by adding the department of Food Science and Nutrition. In 2001, the UAE University has taken a major step by transforming its College of Agriculture Sciences into the new College of Food Systems. This transformation reflects the vision of a 21st Century University and follows the evolving nature of higher agriculture education where agriculture became an industry and a component of economy and society. UAE University designed the Food System curriculum to meet the needs of the UAE and to conform to the trends and concepts of agriculture education of the new millennium. The new interdisciplinary curriculum is based on the concept of “vertically integrated systems” and encompasses production agriculture, food processing, agribusiness and natural resources and environment.
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