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General Description
The Faculties′ mission is to :
Participate in the overall mission of the University with commitment to high standards of teaching and training and encourage innovation and excellence.
Provide a wide range of computer professionals who may design computers and the software that runs them, develop information technologies, and develop and adapt principles for applying computers to new uses.
Provide state-of-the-art education and training in the use of computers to students in all majors and to society at large through training programs and continuing education in a stimulating academic environment.
The Faculty strives to break the barriers between academia and the market place by accredited student training and encouraging joint students projects to provide the country with the skills that match the market needs.
Prepare students for advanced graduate studies in the different disciplines of computing.
Establish a recognized institution that continuously contributes to the development of the region in computer technologies and related applications.
Provide consultancy through Technosphere Center of Excellence as a source of expertise.

Faculty Objectives .

Provide students with computer knowledge and academic background based on internationally recognized academic standards (ACM/IEEE).
Train students with current technologies to prepare them for a career in a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. This includes the ability to:
1. Define a problem clearly;
2. Determine when consultation with outside experts is appropriate;
3. Evaluate and choose an appropriate solution strategy;
4. Study, specify, design, implement, test, modify, and document that t solution;
5. Evaluate alternatives and perform risk analysis on that design;
6. Integrate alternative technologies into that solution and to communicate that solution. This also includes the ability to work within a team environment throughout the entire problem -solving process.
Encourage research and development in computer related fields.
Provide an environment in which students are exposed to the ethical and legal issues that are associated with the computing field.
Offer staff members a motivating environment within which they can be a tutor, researcher, trainer, expert and practitioner.

The faculty offers three different bachelors, and one diploma degrees, which provide the student with an excellent foundation for satisfying his/her career, or for future study. They, also, provide the student with a sound theoretical and practical grounding.
The four degrees are:

1- Bachelor in Computer Science ( 4 years )
2- Bachelor in Computer Engineering ( 5 years )
3- Bachelor in Computer Information System ( 4 years )
4- Diploma in Information Technology ( 2 years )

(last updated: 23-August-2004)

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