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Contact Information
POBox 3014 Abu Dhabi
Tel: +97126214144
Fax: +97126339210
General Description
The objectives and functions of the FCCI as follows:
1-Coordinate activities of the UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry and unify their efforts.
2-To realize the common interests for those who are dealing in trade and industry and to identify, coordinate and scrutinize their options and present the same to the concerned authorities, regional and international organizations.
3-To deal with commercial, industrial and other matters relating to economic activity and to cooperate with concerned authorities to solve problems and difficulties arising thereof.
4-To achieve reconciliation and cooperation between traders, manufacturers and trade organizations in different economic sectors.
5-To enhance cooperation between traders, manufacturers and the Government in order to realize interests of traders, producers and consumers.
The FCCI practices all jurisdictions necessary to achieve the objectives for which it was established, that is to say:
To collect data, information and statistics of commercial nature in coordination with concerned authorities.
To provide Ministries and Government Departments with information, statistics, researches and studies relating to the growth of national economy.
To study problems and difficulties pertaining to commercial and industrial affairs, and submit the final conclusions to the concerned governmental bodies. To participate in committees formed to study commercial and industry affairs whenever requested by the competent authorities.
To give opinions on draft laws and regulations related to economic affairs referred by concerned government authorities.
To take part in economic negotiations conducted by the Government with other countries on request of authorities concerned.
To represent the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in conferences, corporations, organizations and local, regional international exhibitions of economic nature in coordination with different government authorities.
To produce periodical publications including researches, studies and statistics of economic nature.
To organize exhibitions and fairs in the UAE as per the applicable laws and regulations after obtaining the consent of the concerned authorities.
To settle commercial and industrial disputes by way of arbitration if the disputing parties agree to refer the matter to arbitration and the dispute is between persons belonging to more than one chamber or it is between them and a foreign party.
To invite specialists and experts in governmental bodies or otherwise to seek their advice in matters within the Federationís jurisdiction.
To represent the private sector in dealing with Ministries and governmental Bodies where it reflects the opinion of this sector in respect of laws and regulations issued by the state.


The requirements and conditions that helped in the establishment of the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry were dictated by the nature of the development phase that the UAE has experienced since its establishment on the 2nd of December, 1971.
The establishment of FCCI came in compliance with the Federal Act No. 5 of the year 1976 as a very important step towards the completion of the plexus of Federal institutions that would make this Federation the unifying and integrating force for all businessmen, by virtue of the membership of all Chambers of Commerce and Industry under its umbrella.
Since its establishment, the Federation has realized many achievements and gains for businessmen by means of extensive coordination and cooperation between member Chambers. Our Federation is determined to consolidate its brotherly ties and cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the AGCC in order to create the environment suitable for the development of the Gulf Common Market, and for the attainment of comprehensive economic and social integration between the Gulf States. Furthermore, FCCI aims at highlighting the role of businessmen in the fortification of mutual Arab economic ties.
Constitutional Framework

The Federation of United Arab Emirates Chambers of Commerce and Industry was established according to the Law No. 5 of 1976.
Article (4) and (5) of the law of its Article of Association stated the objectives and functions of the Federation.
(last updated: 27-May-2008)
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