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Contact Information
Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry P.O Box: 1457 Dubai
Tel: (9714) 2280000
Fax: (9714) 2211646
General Description
The Chamber′s aim is to:
To look after the commercial, industrial and agricultural interests as well as the relevant services and to co-operate with pertinent authorities to develop those interests. So as to attain economic and social development for the community.

o To strengthen the ties among its members, to protect their interests, providing them with the services they need to carry out their activities and commercial transactions and to assist them in solving the problems that they may face in performing their activities.

o To establish effective contacts with local authorities, other chambers and business associations and organizations that dealing with local, regional and international trade. In order to coordinate actions regarding common economic, technical and administrative matters.

o Undertaking to consolidate Dubaiís economic position and to highlight its role as an international commercial and business center and organizing events and programs required to promote the Emirateís economy, and its commercial establishments both internally and externally.

Constitutional Framework
Dubai Chamber od Commerce & Industry was established in the year 1972. However, the law enactedatthe present is law no 8 for the year 1997 which replaced the law No. (2) of the year 1975 on the Dubai chamber of Commerce and Industry and cancelled the Chamberís Bye-laws issued on 13/7/1972.
Mode of Election
Institutions entitled to membership in DCCI are those which are liscensed to practice the following activities:
1. Activities related to agriculture, animal resources and fisheries.

2. Mining, quarrying and exploiting natural resources and related downstream industries.

3. Converted industries.

4. Distribution of electricity, water, gas and oil derivatives and related activities.

5. General contracting works.

6. Buying commodities and other tangible and intangible movables with the intention of selling them. Selling by public auction, brokerage, commercial agencies and intermediary activities.

7. Reparation & Maintenance.

8. Hotels & restaurants.

9. Transport by land, sea and air, Business connected with maritime and air transport, shipping, tourism and travel, customs clearance, loading and discharging, storage and communications in general.

10. Banking, Money exchange, financial establishments involved in investment, funding and crediting, and all other financial brokerage operations.

11. All types of insurance.

12. Buying and selling land and real estate or renting them with the intention or sub-letting. Buying or renting movable properties to hire them out.

13. Accounting services, consultancies, commercial, administrative and engineering studies and related technical services. Advertising and exhibition services, news agencies and offices that supply manpower and services.

14. Producing, publishing and distributing newspapers, magazines and books. Radio & television activities, recording and filming studios, cinemas, theatres, entertainment and private sport clubs.
All commercial companies or establishments practicing any type of activities which could be consistent with the activities mentioned above and having similar characteristics and objectivesare also bound to become members of the Chamber.

However, individuals practicing small trade or a simple vocational activity that depends on their efforts, skills and physical strength in order to gain profit that may provide their living more than any capital are excluded from the mandatory membership of the Chamber.

Mode of Finance
The Chamber has an independent budget adopted by the Board and funded by the following recourses:
∑ The annual membership fees, the fees of issuing certificates and attesting commercial documents and others.

∑ Yields of the Chamberís invested funds and its real estates.

∑ Revenues from facilities available at the Chamberís premises and the various services provided to members and non-members and the yield of the sale of publications. The prices for such facilities and services shall be fixed by Boardís decision.

∑ Subsidies, donations and endowments that the Board decides to accept.
The Director General prepares a draft annual budget for the Chamber to be referred to the Executive Bureau two months prior to the beginning of the new financial year. The Board adopts the annual budget before the beginning of the following year.
Appropriations aren′t relocated from once to another section of the budget unless by a decision made by the Board. However, relocation can be done from one item to another in the same section of the budget by a decision of the Executive Bureau.
The Board may during the financial year add new items to the Chambers published budget, and may also increase the number of employees, provided that such expenses are supported by appropriations not used by the budgetís other items or by the surplus revenues. The Director General prepares the draft final statements of account within two months as from the end of the financial year. He refers the statements and the attached auditorís report to the Bureau for approval.

(last updated: 27-May-2008)

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