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Contact Information
P.O. Box 47029,
Tel: 00971-2-6732111
Fax: 00971-2-6732112
General Description
ADCECO GROUP is licensed for:-
Representation of companies (worldwide).
General Trading (importation and exportation of almost everything).
Trading and importation of Petroleum materials.
Onshore and offshore oil and gas services.
Ship agents and sea freight.
Clearance and forwarding.
Promotion and advertisement.
Beside the activities of the establishment mentioned before as in the municipality license, ADCECO GROUP is either a full owner (100%) of some of the associates or partners (51%) or just sponsors in all other 24 firms existing in Abu Dhabi.
The main goal and objective of the ADCECO GROUP management is to get in association with reputable known international firms, manufacturers, dealers or agents to either form a firm in Abu Dhabi as sponsors or partners or to represent them for specific projects, supplies or services.

ADCECO GROUP have got the exclusivity to distribute ADNOC-FOD oil lubricants in South America, Turkey, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, new Zealand and South pacific Ocean and Ireland. ADCECO managed to make the name of ADNOC known as quality competitor to all leading reputable other brand names.
SABDAPATRIA and YUNAWATI of Jakarta, Indonesia are other two companies ADCECO GROUP represent in U.A.E. Sabdapatria are the importers and distributors of ADNOC-FOD oil lubricants and Yunawati are dealing in different items with ADCECO GROUP. The first ever export of Abu Dhabi Emirate dates was shipped in January 1996 to Jakarta. ADCECO GROUP exported 180 tons of DABBAS dates from AL-MIRFA Dates Factory to Jakarta in nine 20′ feet containers. That was the first ever export of dates from Al-Mirfa to abroad. ADCECO GROUP have very promising plans in Indonesia in association with their partners M/s Sabdapatria and Yunawati.
ADCECO GROUP represents the huge division of Boeing in Seattle, the BOIENG MARINE SYSTEMS (BMS). Their potentials would enlarge in the area specially after the establishment of Abu Dhabi Shipping Company in Abu Dhabi.
M/s R.B. INVESTORS, L.P., portfolio financial manager from the States are represented by ADCECO GROUP. Their high conservative dealings put them in the right track with those who really look for a genuine investment.
ADCECO GROUP represents M/s ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL of U.S.A. They did execute a full complete decoration projects in the Sultanate of Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They work only on international base bids.
AIS CHEMIE & TECHNIK BRANSCHUTZPRODUKTE GmbH is a German company based in Frieburg and Bremen. They developed and produced fire fighting materials and equipments.
Another manufacturer of a fire retardant material BIO-FAX 2000 is FAX BRANDSCHULZ CHEMIKALIENHANDEL GmbH of Germany. ADCECO GROUP represented them for quite a long time. Some of the hotels and private properties were impregnated with the non-toxic material which works on fabrics, wood, carpets, cartons, wall paper or curtains.
C.R.P. (CRIMINAL RESEARCH PRODUCTS) is another USA manufacturer for police needs. ADCECO GROUP represent them in UAE and had supplied some materials for the fingerprint department.
SENTRY INC. is an American Surveillance and Security company located in Boston. They are represented by ADCECO GROUP for similar turn-key projects in the area (close circuit network, identification control system, etc.)
M/s PRISMA are manufacturers at Jebel Ali in Dubai, they produce steel structure long spans in prism format (space frame structure). ADCECO GROUP is their representative in Abu Dhabi. Flexibility and compatibility gave them a real chance to be specified by consultants for special buildings with the added advantage of being very close to clients (Dubai).
A Russian steel structure factory TALDOM, near Moscow, is also represented by ADCECO GROUP. Thirteen huge stores we supplied to the free zone area from the factory, one is used by BMW showroom near Umm Al-Nar in Abu Dhabi. The quality of steel is superb and the prices are very compatible.
Another very large Russian firm is represented by ADCECO GROUP in U.A.E. SUDOEXPORT. They are the biggest ship builders in Russia. They supplied UAE with incinerators, waterplants and home appliances at EXPO Exhibition in Sharjah. Many plans were jointly shared between ADCECO GROUP and SUDOEXPORT like Health Care Resort in Fujairah, passenger and freight sea line between Abu Dhabi and the near Far East.
SCANTECH of Sharjah, Monitor of Isle of Man and Medicon have formed a very positive association in some projects in both electrical and medical equipments.
ADCECO GROUP also participated into the master plan of the block buildings in Abu Dhabi called "the gift of H.H. the Crown Prince to the locals" organized by the Department of Commercial Buildings. In an association with FINCONSULT of Finland we got the second price of the project. ADCECO GROUP and FINCONSULT also got the second price for the design of the officers club in Abu Dhabi. The first price went for M/s Robert Tailbert, he is also sponsored by MR. OBAID, the owner of ADCECO GROUP.
CMI was another architectural group in the States who worked jointly with ADCECO GROUP in association with M/s Ssangyong of South Korea fr the Hudariyat bridge in Abu Dhabi. Prices were quoted but the project was shelved. Till today ADCECO GROUP are keeping track with both M/s CMI and Ssangyong.
ADCECO GROUP represents M/s DANGROUP of Denmark. They are leaders into environmental studies and similar projects. Al-Ain Municipality had gained a lot of exercises from the company.
ANHKA from Belgium are another office logistic planners. Associated with ADCECO GORUP they are rendering their services to different clients in U.A.E.
A Swedish famous group ESSELLTE is also represented by ADCECO GROUP. They are leaders in paper mills, paper cutting plants, manufacturing of stationery, etc.
KELVIN LENSES , a U.K. company is also represented by ADCECO GROUP (actually the agency was signed then in the name of BASCO, an associate of ADCECO GROUP (which license was canceled to integrate all activities under the name of ADCECO GROUP). Their optic lenses are of the highest quality in the market.
GULF CANCRAFTERS, located in Sharjah, Tel.: 06-331595, Fax: 06-331139. They are tin sheets printers and can crafters. Their factory is represented in Abu Dhabi by ADCECO GROUP. They are the exclusive suppliers for all printed tin sheets for ADNOC-FOD lubricant gallons and cans. Their quality of work and delivery time is superb.
PRISMAVISION and ARIAB were two firms represented by ADCECO GROUP and actually introduced to the market by the GROUP. They produce the interchangeable aluminum sign prism boards for advertisements. Each board has three displays interchanging simultaneously.
M/s BUNKER HUNT, the famous Texas (USA) contractors are sponsored by ADCECO GROUP for projects opportunities in the area.
M/s WILFORT HOLDINGS, USA are another group of consortium sponsored by ADCECO GROUP for projects opportunities in the area.
S.O.K. is a Finnish big firm work in association with Norpe Company and both sponsored by ADCECO GROUP. They have fully furnished the Abu Dhabi Cooperative in Buteen, the Dana Plaza of Abu Dhabi Sharjah Cooperative and many other departmental stores and shops.
WORLD OF PALACES is a French style classical furniture and antique manufactured in Egypt. They had a number of classical furniture and antique exhibition in Abu Dhabi sponsored by ADCECO GROUP.
ROBERT A. KING, INC., Houston, U.S.A. is a technical auditor represented by ADCECO GROUP. They are doing some technical auditing for a very large projects in Abu Dhabi.
EMIRATES ENERGY COMPANY is a new partnership company under registration basically formed to get into partnership petrochemical projects in Abu Dhabi.
ROYAL MATERNITY HOSPITAL is another project to be executed through OFFSETS program in Abu Dhabi. HOVER LINK is another project to be executed in Abu Dhabi through OFFSETS program.
A. A. JANAHI ARCHITECTS is sponsored by ADCECO GROUP in Abu Dhabi. His main objective is to introduce the architectural heritage in the area. A mega shopping centre is under design and promotion by both A. A. JANAHI as consultant and ADCECO GROUP as manager. The centre will be one of the largest centres in the Middle East.
ADCECO GROUP owns its own building in Abu Dhabi beside other plots in the industrial area (GPC plot around 4.4 million square feet, OBAIDAN plot around 13.5 thousand square feet, etc.).

ADCECO is a name extracted long time ago from Abu Dhabi Contracting, Engineering and Commercial Group since then the name became very well known as ADCECO GROUP.

Constitutional Framework
ADCECO GROUP is a 100% local establishment owned by MR. OBAID BIN SALEH AL-NEAIMI as sole proprietor. It was formed under a decree from the esteemed Executive Council of Abu Dhabi (The Cabinet of Abu Dhabi Emirate) in 1981.

(last updated: 01-June-2008)
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